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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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Institutions within the Borough.—It is estimated that about 500 of the daily
average number of inmates in certain of the above.mentioned Institutions
in the Borough are persons not resident in the Borough.
Institutions without the Borough.—Of certain Public Institutions situated
outside the boundaries of St. Pancras, the daily average numbers of
inmates belonging to St. Pancras housed by them, corrected to the end
of 1903, are as follows:—
St. Anne's Home, Streatham, a branch of St. Pancras Workhouse 415
Lunatic Asylums 960
Imbecile and Idiot Asylums 729
Fever and Small.Pox Asylums 168
Total population 2271
In addition there are—
Leavesden Schools, near Watford 544
Boarded out 48
In Hospitals, R.C. Schools, Training Ships,
&c., about 240
The Children at thers Institution are part of the population of the localities in whivh they are situated.
The figures of the 1901 Census have been taken as a basis and the 2271
inmates of Extra Borough Institutions have been added to the Sub.Districts in
proportion to the population as the deaths amongst these inmates are included
in the Statistics in the year, and 500 non.residents in the hospitals in the
Borough have been omitted as their deaths are also omitted.
West 61,823
South 55,948
East 59,743
North 59,574
The number of marriages celebrated in St. Pancras during the year was
2093, being 2 less than in the previous year, and 119 less than the annual
average of the previous ten years.
The number of births registered during the year was 6116, being 223 less
than in the preceding year, and 597 less than the annual average during the
preceding decennium.