London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List VI.— con.BAKEHOUSES—continued.

No. on Diagram.Consecutive No.Situations, Divisions, and Sub-Divisions.Name of Occupier.Distance of floor above or below ground level.Distance of ceiling above or below ground level.Uuderground Baking Rooms— U.Baked B—Bread. C—Confectionery b—Biscuits.As to Certificate and date when granted or refused, and other notes.
South Division—con.
4.— Endsleiah.
141159134, Cleveland StreetGeorge Kriegbaum8ft. belowLevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 23rd Nov., 1904.
17516026, Fitzroy StreetJ. Zeller9ft. ”U.B.Do. 11th Jan., 1905.
14916147, „ „J. Drury8ft. 2in. „U.B.C.Do. 22ndFeb.,1905.
15916224, Gower PlaceMrs. Baker8ft. 6in. „U.B.C.Do. 14th Dec., 1904.
Baking room and oven in Gower Street disused.
7816349, „7ft. 3in. „9in. above....Not in use. Now a tea-house.
1164Grafton StreetJames Shoolbred& Co.Top Floor..B.C.
11416566, ”J. Lorentz Son7ft. 8in. „LevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 2nd Nov., 1904.
15016694, Huntley Street8ft. 2in. „1ft. belowU...Certificate refused 5th April, 1905.
160167117, Tottenham Court Rd.F. Legg8ft. 6in. „2in. „U.C.(demolished.) Do. 15th Mar., 1905.
8516815c, Warren StreetW. Wermann7ft. 4in. ”LevelU.B.Certificate granted 23rd Nov., 1904.
11716933, Charlotte StreetA. Vanderhaute7ft. 9in. „LevelU.B.C.Do. 13th July, 1904.
8117016, Goodge StreetN.Graff7ft. 3in. „U.B.C.Do. 22nd June, 1904.
12317146, ” ”Albert Pettit7ft. 10in. „4in. belowU.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
1217210&11, Little Howland St.Fietta Bros.Level8ft. 6in. above..C.
8417317, Tottenham Court Rd.Veglio & Co.7ft. 3in. „9in. „U.c.Do. 11th Jan., 1905.
11517433, ” ”Charles Schneider7ft. 8in. „10in. „U.B.C.Do. 23rd Nov., 1904.
4517575, „ ,,A.H.Williams4ft. 6in. „4ft. 3in. „U.B.C.Do. 27th July, 1904.
9017650, Tottenham Street7ft. 6in. „6in. „....Not in use. Now a general shop.
11617789, Whitfield StreetW. Davey7ft. 9in. „3in. ,,U.B.Certificate granted 21st Sept., 1904.
6017821, Windmill StreetCharles Schneider6ft. 8in. „LevelU.B.Do. 11th Jan., 1905.
Bakehouses which are also Non-Textile Factories using machinery.
17921, Camden RoadThe Aerated Bread Company, LimitedLevelVarious heights above..••
18072, Crowndale RoadG. h. Kemp2ft. below10 ft. above....Not in use.
181142, Kentish Town Road— HodgesLevel10 ft. above....
Bakehouses at Hotels.
182Euston Hotel (L. & N.W.RL. & N.W. Railway12ft. below3ft. below....Certificate granted 5th April, 1905.
183Midland Grand (M R.)Midland Railway10ft. ”12ft. above....Do. 11th Jan., 1905.
184Great Northern (G.N.R.)Gt. Northern Railway7ft. 9in. „2ft. 6in. ,,....Certificate refused 1st Feb., 1905. Bake-house not now used.