London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List VI.—con. BAKEHOUSES—continued

No. on Diagram.Consecutive No,Situations, Divisions, and Sub-Divisions.Name of Occupier.Distance of floor above or below ground level.Distance of ceiling above or below ground level.Underground Baking Rooms—U.Baked. B—Bread. C—Confectionery b—Biscuits.As to Certificate and date when granted or refused, and other notes.
1 .—Argyle.
213336, Acton Street10ft. above19ft. above....Not in use. Now a private house.
17813484, Cromer StreetGeorge Weiss8ft. belowLevelU.B.Certificate granted 24th May, 1905.
119135296, Gray's Inn RoadL. j. Sage7ft. 9in. „3in. belowU...Certificate refused 1st Feb., 1905. Baking room not in use, shop still open.
33136312, ”J. Measures2ft. „7ft. above..B.C.
176137125, King's Cross RoadLot Vickers9ft. ”4in. „U.B.Certificate granted 1st Feb., 1905.
31138151, ”T. W. Davey1ft. ”7ft. „..B.
75139163, ”E. Hoppee7ft. ”LevelU.B.C.Do. 1st June, 1904.
14014039, Manchester StreetL. J. Sage8ft. ”U.B.C.Do. 27th July, 1904.
14214131, Coram StreetPhilip Kistner8ft. ”U.B.C.Do. 23rd Nov., 1904.
1431424, Gough StreetA. Pitt8ft. ”3in. belowU.B.Do. 2nd „
14714383, Gray's Inn RoadJames Jones8ft. ”6in. ”U.B.C.Do. 15th March, 1905.
113144238, ” ”Herbert Tilbury7ft. 6in. „1ft. ”..B.C.Disused. Level bakehouse constructed
109145274George Covell7ft. 6in. „LevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 13th July, 1904.
4214663, Kenton StreetThomas Groom4ft. ”4ft.4in. aboveU.B.Certificate refused 5th April, 1905
16714727, King's Cross RoadHenry Snowley8ft. 8in. „4in. belowU.B.Certificate granted 23rd Nov., 1904.
7614814, Mount PleasantHarry Ebdon7ft. ”4in. ,,U.B.Do. 15th March, 1905.
8714935, Sidmouth StreetW. Ingles7ft. 6in. „1ft.6in.aboveU.B.Do. 5th April, 1905.
3. — Burton.
9115042, Compton StreetWilliam Wagner7ft. 6in. „2in. ”U.B.Certificate refused 5th April, 1905.
15815158,H. Loss8ft. 6in. ,,LevelU.B.Do. Do.
1801521, Cromer StreetJohn Measures9ft.4in. „1ft.2in. belowU.B.C.Certificate granted 1st Feb., 1905.
1441534, Hastings StreetGeorge Fables8ft. ”4in. „U.B.Certificate refused 5th April, 1905.
6115476, Judd StreetC. Werner6ft. 10in. „10in. aboveU.B.C.Do. Do.
168155135, ”8ft. 9in. „6in. belowU...Do. Do.
170155a8ft. 9in. ,,1ft. 9in. „....Now a Fruiterer's.
12015629, Leigh StreetS. Miller7ft. 9in. „llin. „U...Certificate refused 5th April, 1905. No baking done, shop still open.
17715792, Marchmont StreetJ. Haas9ft. ”6in. „U.B.C.Certificate refused 5th April, 1905.
1391588, Woburn BuildingsMrs. Dilly8ft. „LevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 5th April, 1905.