London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List VI.—con.BAKEHOUSES—continued..

No. on Diagram.Consecutivel No.Situations, Divisions and Sub-Divisions.Name of Occupier.Distance of floor above or below ground level.Distance of ceiling above or below ground level.Underground Baking Rooms. —U.Baked. B—Bread. C—Confectionery. b—Biscuits.As to Certificate, and date when granted or refused, and other Notes,
1724160, Weedington RoadG. F. CollinsLevel8ft. above..B.C.
202510, Dalby StreetH. BrookerLevel7ft. 6in. „..B.C.
352646, Grafton RoadA. Portwood2ft. below5ft. 6in. „..B.
9327265, Kentish Town RoadW. J. Walkley7ft. 6in. „LevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 13th July, 1904.
1028321, „ „James StoreyLevel8ft. 6in.above..B.C.
1529385, „ „A. ZwanzigerLevel8ft. 2in. „..B.C.
493013, Warden RoadCharles Stierle5ft. 6in.below1ft. 4in. „U.B.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
483170, Weedington RoadW. TrussellOft. 6in. „2ft. 2in. „U.B.Do. 27th July, 1904.
5.—Mailland Park.
393229, Maiden RoadChristopher Vogel2ft. 9in.below4ft. 9in.above..B.
1653353, „F. Kistner8ft. 6in.1ft. 3in.belowU.B.C.Certificate granted 27th July, 1904.
11234110, „N. Leill7ft. 6in. ,,9in. ,,U.B.C.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
15535143,John Granger8ft. 6in. „LevelU.B.Do. 13th July, 1904.
3836160, Prince of Wales RoadAhrendt Bros.2ft. 6in. „5ft. above..B.C.
1463772, Queen's CrescentK. Menten8ft. „6in. belowU.B.C.Do. 12th Oct., 1904.
663869, Weedington RoadJonn Sondenheimer7ft.LevelU.B.Do. Do.
WEST DIVISION. 1.-—Cattle.
533954, Castle RoadG. C. Arborn6ft. 5in .belowLevelU.B.Certificate granted 5th April, 1905.
1724019, Chalk Farm RoadChappell and Sons9ft.LevelU.B.C.Do. 14th Dec., 1904.
1184148, „ „Henry Ulmer7ft. 9in. „3in. belowU.B.C.Do 22nd Feb., 1905.
254276, „ „James RobinsLevel7ft. 6in.above..B.C.
194387, „ „J. TuckerLevel7ft. 10in. „••B.Only bakehouse. Occupier sells from barrow.
264436, Harmood StreetA. H. BurrLevel7ft. 6in. „..B.C.
7345108, „ „Louisa Streeton7ft. belowLevelU.B.Certificate refused 1st Feb., 1905. Bakehouse now closed.
1524651, Hawley RoadC. Veit8ft. 3in. „3in. belowU.B.Certificate granted 22nd Jun.,1904,
1054781, Kentish Town RoadC. Thorp7ft. 6in. „LevelU.B.C.Do. 21st Sept., 1904.
1148143, „Demolished.
13349151, „ ,,H. Reiff8ft. „LevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 15th Mar.,1905.
1065022, Leybourne RoadP. Schmidt7ft. 6in. „LevelU.B.Do. 11th Jan., 1905.
865163,Princeof Wales CrescentW. Bishop7ft. 5in. „LevelU.B.Do. 27th July, 1904.
....7, „ „Louisa StreetonLevel9ft. 9in. above....