London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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List VI.

BAKEHOUSES, end of 1904.

No. on Diagram.Consecutive No.Situations, Divisions, and Sub-Divisions.Name of Occupier.Distance of floor above or below ground level.Distance of ceiling above or below ground level.Underground Baking Booms—U.Baked B—Bread. C—Confectionery b—Biscuits.As to Certificate and date when granted or refused, and other notes.
NORTH DIVISION. 1.—Highgate.
141134, Fortess RoadP. Gotfries & SonsLevel8ft. 2in. above..B.C.
9249, Leverton StreetJ. A. WilsonLevel8ft. 6in. „..B.C.
16360, Chetwynd RoadLevel8ft...B.C.
924121, Dartmouth Park HillJohn Leister7ft. 6in. belowLevelU.B.Certificate granted 21st Sept, 1904.
585151,E.W.Russell6ft.6in. „LevelU.B.Do. 5th April, 1905.
8369, Retcar StreetFrank Malyan7ft. 3in, „6in. belowU.B.Do. 23rd Nov., 1904.
1374, South GroveHorsley & SonOne level8ft. 3in. above..B.C.
1647A” ”” ”One 8ft. 6in. below10in. belowU.B.C.Do. 1st June, 1904.
88837, York RiseJohn A. Skinner7ft. bin. below1ft. lin. aboveU.B.C.Do. 23rdNov.,1904.
2.—St. John's Park.
126999, Brecknock RoadA. Sconce8ft. belowLevelU.B.C.Do. do.
1451068, Falkland KoadH. Frost8ft. „6in. belowU.B.C.Do. 27th July, 1904.
1251147, Fortess RoadE.Parker8ft. 6in. belowLevelU.B.C.Do. 5th April, 1905.
36127, Willow WalkF.ListerOne 6ft. ,,2ft. 3in. aboveU.B.C.Certificate refused 13th July, 1904.
5012a11, Fortess RoadOne 2ft. „5ft, 3in. „
3.—Gospel Oak.
9413101, Allcroft RoadAnton Blesser7 ft. 6in. belowLevelU.B.C.Certificate granted 13th July, 1904.
2214108, Carlton StreetPeter SchneiderLevel7ft. 6in. above..B.
211555, Haverstock BoadLeopold OrthLevel7ft. 6in. „..B.
231663, Highgate RoadJ. DavidsonLevel7ft. 6in. ,,..B.C.
5117141, ” ”Francis Paterson6ft. below1ft. 6in. „U.B.C.Do. 23rd Nov.,1904.
27182, Lamble StreetA. WeissnerLevel7ft. 2in. ,,..B.
61910, Lismore CircusMarks & ColeLevel9ft. 6in. „..B.C.
82066, Mansfield RoadJoachim PetersLevel9ft...B.C.
16221163, Queen's CrescentRichard Filby & Son8ft. 6in. below6in. belowU.B.C.Do. 2nd Nov., 1904.
5522167, ” ”C. Lunken6ft.6in. „lft. 6in. aboveU.B.C.Do. do.
1102337, Wellesley RoadF. Beetz7ft. 6in. „Bin. belowU.B.Do. 23rd Nov.,1904,