London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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L ist Iā€” con.Buildings constructed in separate and severed dwellings, &c.ā€”continued.

Division and Sub-Division.Name and Situation, and Number of Houses.Name and Address of Owner.When Opened.Total Number of Rooms.Dwellings ofTotal Number of Dwellings.Street Door or Gate, when shut, and by whom.Common Stair.Inter-Communication of Rooms in Dwellings. Is this Independent of the Common Stair ?How many Dwellings use each appurtenance.Weekly Rental, Minimum and Maximum.Remarks.
1 Room.2 Booms.3 Rooms.4 Rooms.5 or more.Outside or Inside.Open or Enclos'dw.c.Scullery.Wash-house.
W.5Hampstead House. William Street (1 house)Mr. H. Hooke, 93, Hampstead Boad1897355510Street door. Shut at night by caretakerInsideEnclosedIndependent1112/-to 16/-Caretaker on premises.
W.5169,171 & 173, Drummond StreetMr. G. Rayner, 61, Hampstead Boad18939638251...165Self-closing doorInsideOpenCommon, each room opens on to a passage or landingā€ 2 taps on each floor#4/6 to 9/-ā€ 14 rooms, 2 w.c.'s, and 1 draw tap on each floor. * 2 washhouses with 10 coppers for 96 rooms. Caretaker resides in No. 169.
S. 1Derby Buildings, Britannia Street and Wicklow Street (4 staircases)Improved Industrial Dwellings Co., 33, Finsbury Square1867494......7071...141No street doorsOutside..Independent1115/9 to 9/-Notice up as to trespassers. Superintendent lives at No. 28.
S. 1Stanley House, St. Chad's Place (1 bouse)Mr. L. H. Ball,'221, Goswell Road188932...132......15Street door. Lock consitantly broken by tenantsInsideEnclosedIndependent3Tap and sink in kitchenAll (one on each floor)5/- to 7/-Scullery consists of a tap and sink in kitchen and living room. Caretaker resides in No. 2.
S. 1Garfield House. 5, Leake Street (1 house)Messrs. Foster, 79 to 82, Fore Street188716...2...3...5Street door. Closed by tenantsInsideEnclosedNot severed. Every room opens on to landings of staircaseAllAllAll3/6 to 6/6A combined scullery and washhouse with a sink and copper on first floor. Three w.c.'s for general use on the second floor. No resident caretaker.
S. 1Whidbourne Build ings, Whidbourne Street (4 staircases)East End Dwellings Co.,24, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn; Superintendent, MidhopeBuildings, Midhope Street, St. Pancras1892-3254555629......140Street gate of courtyard always openOutside...Independent2 to 44 to 8All2/9 to 9/-Sculleries consist of sinks and taps on balconies. Washhouses in a .separate building.