London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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St Pancras 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, London, Borough of]

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L ist I.— eon.Buildings constructed in separate and severed dwellings,&.C.— continued.

Division and Sub-Division.Name and Situation, and Number of Houses.Name and Address of Owner.When Opened.Total Number of RoomDwellings ofTotal Number of Dwellings.Street Door or Gate, whan shut, and by whom.Common Stair.Inter-Communication of Rooms in Dwellings. Is this Independent of the Common Stair ?How many Dwellings use each appurtenance.Weekly Rental, Minimum and Maximum.
1 Room.z Rooms,Rooms.1 Rooms,5 or moro.Outside or Inside.Open or Enclos'dw.c.Scullery.Wash- house.
E. 5Phœnix Buildings, Phoenix StreetHampden House, Ltd.190128...56......11Street door closed at night by tenants.Inside.Enclo'dIndependent21All7/6 to 10/6Caretaker from Hampden House performs duties as to lighting, &c. No dust shoots. Galvanized tins in yard.
E. 5Wellesley Buildings, Seymour StreetLondon County Council (Housing Department)1901180...6020......80Gates open all night. Outer door closed at 11p.m. by caretaker.Inside.Enclo'dIndependent1117/- to 10/6Resident Caretaker at No. 23. No dust shoots. Galvanized tins in court yard.
E. 5Seymour BuildingsDitto do.190212824810......60No doer, tailings outside.Inside.Enclo'dIndependent1114/6 to 9/-Caretaker resides at 23, Wellesley Buildings. No dust shoots. Galvanized tins m court yard.
E. 5Somerset BuildingsDitto do-1902109...16195...40DittoInside.Enclo'dIndependent1117/6 to 11/-Caretaker resides at 23, Wellesley Buildings, | No dust shoots. Galvanized tins in court yard.
E. 5Culross Buildings Battle Bridge Road (5 houses)Great Northern Railway Co.1892128...16...24...40No street door.Outside...Independent1114/6 to 8/6All Railway Company's men. Superintendent resides in one of the buildings.
W.l58, Crogsland BoatMr. Stone. Princess RoadAbout 18788...4.........4Street doorInsideOpen at rear.Independent1115/-to 6/-Two dwellings have each a scullery and wash-house, and two have tap and sink in kitchen, and these two have w.c. opening into unventilated lobby of bedroom, and kitchen. No caretaker.