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Wandsworth 1915

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth, Metropolitan Borough]

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Report of the Medical Officer of Health.
This Table shows that the rates for the present year are lower
in the case of Union Infirmaries but higher in General and Special
Hospitals, compared with the average for the past 10 years, and
lower than 1914 in both cases.
Bacteriological Examination of Sputum.
497 examinations of sputum were made at the Lister Institute:
54 from Clapham, 75 from Putney, 130 from Streatham, 51 from
Tooting, and 187 from Wandsworth.
In 152 of the cases it was reported that the bacillus had been
found, and in 345 that it was absent.
Other Infective Diseases.
20 deaths were caused by other Infective diseases, five in
Clapham, four in Putney, seven in Streatham, one in Tooting, and
three in Wandsworth.
Five of these were under one year, one from one and under two
years, one from five and under 15 years, six from 25 and under
45 years, three from 45 and under 65 years, and four over 65 years.
Of these 10 were stated to have been due to Syphilis, seven
to Septicaemia, one to Tetanus, and two to Dysentery.
With regard to the number of deaths from Syphilis, six were
Congenital Syphilis, and four were of adults from Cerebral Syphilis.
19 deaths were caused by Syphilis in 1914, and 10 in 1913. The
number of deaths from this disease, however, give little information
as to the general prevalence of venereal disease among the community,
as it is more than probable that a considerable number of
the deaths of infants from Congenital Debility and Marasmus is
due to this cause.

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