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Wandsworth 1873

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wandsworth District, The Board of Works (Clapham, Putney, Streatham, Tooting & Wandsworth)]

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The statistics embodied in the tables of this summaryconstitute,
in point of fact, a report in themselves, and
constructed as they are with a view to afford a ready
means of comparison with previous returns of a like kind,
need no very lengthened comments to recommend them to
the attentive consideration of those who take an interest
in sanitary matters, and in the welfare of the locality to
which they relate.
The first of the tables will give considerable information
upon which to judge of both the sanitary and
social position enjoyed by this Sub-district at the present
time, compared with what it did in the previous ten years.


Excess of Births over Deaths330292314286326351330387260376454
•Of this number I successfully vaccinated 377 cases. — J. 31.
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This table, however, professes to give only the total
numbers of the events referred to ; for more detailed
particulars, concerning the proportion of fatal cases of the

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