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Stoke Newington 1952

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stoke Newington, The Metropolitan Borough]

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At the end of the year a suggested outline of a course of actio
was submitted to the Public Health Committee and approved.
The main features were:—
1. The distribution of copies of Section 13 of the Food an
Drugs Act, 1938, and L.C.C. Byelaws for the Protection of Foo
to all premises where food is sold or prepared for consumptio
by the public, and the District Sanitary Inspectors to contac
personally the proprietor or manager of each food handling firm.
2. Talks, film shows, film strips and demonstrations to food
handlers to be arranged.
3. Arrangements to be made for the hire or purchase of film
and other educational material.
4. Each proprietor to be circularised with a view to exhibitin
a notice respecting the exclusion of dogs from food shops; this
project to be preceded by posters and press publicity requesting
the co-operation of the public in this matter. Leaflets on foot
hygiene to be circularised also to each food shop.
5. Secretaries of local organisations to be contacted to ascertain
the reaction of their members to an invitation to attend lectures.
6. The Education Officer to be approached with regard to
arranging talks and film shows to school children. To increase
interest, a prize to be offered to each school for the best essay or
slogan dealing with clean food handling, and an additional prize
to be offered for the best entry from all schools.
7. A series of posters to be displayed on Council premises,
Council notice boards, in the Local Food Office, Public Libraries,
Infant Welfare Centres, General Practitioners' Waiting Rooms,
Political and Social Organisations, and pamphlets to be distributed
also to the foregoing. Both posters and pamphlets to be changed
to another aspect of clean food at intervals of about three weeks.
8. To induce public interest, a prize of £5 5s. Od. to be offered
to the Stoke Newington resident or person employed by a Stoke
Newington firm submitting the best slogan dealing with clean food.
9. For the purpose of the lectures and film shows, an approach
to be made to the London County Council for the use of the
Woodberry Down Health Centre. Dependant upon the public's
response to the means of health education as outlined above,
consideration of a Clean Food Exhibition to be dealt with at a
later date.

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