London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stoke Newington 1935

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stoke Newington, The Metropolitan Borough]

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Registration.—In accordance with Statutory requirements,
a Register is kept of persons carrying on the trade of dairymen or
purveyors of milk and no person is permitted to carry on this trade
in the borough unless he is registered.
By Section 2 of the Milk and Dairies (Amendment) Act, 1922,
the Council is empowered to refuse to enter the name of any person
in the Register, or to remove the name of any person from the
Register, if it is shown to the satisfaction of the Council that the
public health is, or is likely to be endangered by any act or default
of such person in relation to the quality, storage or distribution of

Milk Premises and Purveyors of Milk:—

Number of premises where milk is sold bottled and loose28
Number of purveyors registered (resident in the borough) selling intact bottles81
Number of purveyors (wholesale and retail) operating in the borough from premises registered elsewhere55

The Sanitary Inspectors made 248 visits to dairy premises
during the year, and any sanitary defects found were satisfactorily
Milk (Special Designations) Order, 1923.—This Order
was made by the Minister of Health under the powers conferred on
him by Section 3 of the Milk and Dairies (Amendment) Act, 1922.
Under the Order, the Council may grant licences to distributors,
such licences to be valid only for a period ending on the 31st
December in each year.