London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Holborn 1919

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn, Metropolitan Borough]

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(c) Instances where (apart from analysis) the requirements as to labelling or
declaration of preserved cream in Article V. (i) and the proviso in Article
V. (2) of the Regulations have not been observed :—
3.—Thickening Substances.
Any evidence of their addition to cream or to preserved cream. Action taken
where found.
None found.
4.—Other observations, if any:—
There was much difficulty in obtaining samples of cream during the year.
Milk (Mothers and Children) Order, 1918.—See page 9.
Unsound Food.
Applications were received for removal and destruction as trade refuse of the
following articles of food, all of which were unsound and unfit for the food of man :—
15½ Cwt. Bacori.
11 lbs. Beef.
6 lbs. Tin Corned Beef.
76 Crates Bananas.
69¼ Butter.
88 Sacks Chestnuts.
179 cases Dates.
2 tins Liquid Eggs.
7 Crates Figs.
24 Stone Dog Fish.
6 cases Lemons.
12 Tins Condensed Milk.
6 tins Evaporated Milk.
30 cases Oranges.
3 cwt. Potatoes.
3 cases Australian Rabbits.
168 Bundles Tomatoes.
1 Barrel Whiting.
At the end of the year 1919 there were 29 bakehouses in the Borough of which
15 were factory bakehouses.
During the year in addition to my inspections, there were 99 inspections of
bakehouses, including 35 inspections of factory bakehouses. Eight notices were
served for Sanitary defects.
Slaughter House.
There is now only one slaughter house in the Borough, viz., 29 Red Lion
Street, which, in addition to my inspections was inspected on two occasions during
the year. Sheep only are occasionally slaughtered."
Places u'here Food is prepared for Sale.
Under this head are included kitchens of hotels, restaurants and eating-houses
of all sorts, slaughter-houses, tripe, offal and other meat shops, fried fish, eel and
other fish shops, premises where ice cream is made, and other places where food is
prepared for sale, excluding bakehouses which are given above.