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Holborn 1919

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn, Metropolitan Borough]

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Dairies, Coivnlieds and Milkshops.
The number of registered dairies and milkshops in the Borough at the end of
the year was 159. Seven dairies and milkshops were newly registered, and six
were removed from the register.
In addition to my inspections the Sanitary Inspectors made 75 inspections of
these premises, and one notice was served for sanitary defects or breaches of regulations,
and in some cases alterations were carried out without the service of notices.
Public Health (Milk & Cream) Regulations, 1912.
The following particulars of proceedings taken in the year 1919, under the
above Regulations made in pursuance of the Public Health (Regulations of Food)
Act, 1907, are given in the form suggested by the Local Government Board in their
circular letter dated 27th October, 1913, and a copy was sent to the Ministry of Health
in February, 1920.

1.—Milk and Cream not sold as Preserved Cream.

Number of Samples examined for the presence of preservatives.Number in which a preservative was reported to be present.
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Nature of Preservative found
(а) Milk. nil.
(б) Cream. nil
2.—Cream sold as Preserved Cream.
(a) Instances in which samples have been submitted for analysis to ascertain
if the statement on the label as to preservatives were correct:—
(I.) Correct statements made 1
(II.) Statements incorrect 0
Total 1
(b) Determination made of milk fat in cream sold as preserved cream :—
(I.) Above 35 per cent. 1
(II.) Below 35 per cent. 0
Total 1

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