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Islington 1885

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington, Parish of St Mary]

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Of the 971 cases removed 918 were admitted to the Hospitals of
the Metropolitan District Asylum Board. Of these 148, or 161 per cent,
53 patients were received at the Highgate Hospital. Of these 11
died, or 20.8 per cent.
The usual disinfection was carried out in every case of Small-Pox
which came to the knowledge of your Sanitary Department during
the epidemic.
The following particulars relate to infected beds and bedding
destroyed, and the cost of their replacement. Also to the cost of the
purification and re-covering of other infected beds and bedding during
the Small-Pox epidemic.

Summary of infected beds and bedding destroyed and replaced with new, during the years1884and1885,at a cost to the Vestry of£281 17s. 8d.

402 brought forward
125 Beds7 Blankets
101 Mattrasses4 Sheets
53 Bolsters4 Rugs
122 Pillows3 Quilts
1 Pillow Cover1 Gown
402 carried forward421 Total.
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Summary of articles disinfected and returned to poor owners during the years1884and1885,at a cost to the Vestry of£64 8s. 11d.


33 Beds145 brought forward
23 Bolsters18 Beds
68 Pillows8 Bolsters
7 Mattrasses22 Pillows
14 Other Articles of Clothing
145 carried forward193 Total.
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The total cost of 614 Articles replaced or disinfected, &c., during
the years 1884 and 1885 was, therefore, £346 6s. 7d.

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