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Hanover Square 1866

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hanover Square, The Vestry of the Parish of Saint George]

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hence the vapours from it passed through crevices in the
brickwork into the front vaults, kitchen, and parlour of the
adjoining house. The oven was repaired, and the nuisance,
which was really a serious one, abated.
Drainage of Dover-street.—An old sewer much out of
repair ran under the front vaults of three or four of the
houses at the lower end of this street. This had been
burrowed by rats; there were also in some of the vaults some
offensive water-closets, and some sinks without traps. These
nuisances were explored and remedied by Mr. Grant, and at
the same time a new sewer was constructed along a certain
part of the street, which was without one, so that the drainage
of the street is now perfect.
Drainage of Derby-street.—A similar state of things
existed in this street. The public sewer did not run the
entire length, and the drainage of some of the houses was
received into a small brick drain running under the front
vaults. This had become choked or dilapidated, and there
was no outlet for the sewerage of some of the houses, whilst
offensive water was apt to ooze up into the basements.
Nuisance in New Bond-street.—A singular nuisance was
discovered and got rid of here by Mr. Grant. An old watercloset
had been removed from the vault of a poulterer's, and
an old brick drain leading into the sewer left open and unprotected,
an example of recklessness unluckily by no means
rare ; up this opening rats used to come, and to take feathers
and garbage from the poulterer's and stow them away in
immense quantities between the floor of the shop next door
and the ceiling of the kitchen beneath it.
No. Thomas-street.—Here an unseemly state of overcrowding
was put an end to by Mr. Grant. Two grown-up
sisters and a brother slept in one kitchen, and a father, mother,
two grown-up sons, and a girl of 12 in another.
Nos. 24, 25, and 26, Stockbridge-terrace, Pimlico.—The

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