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Poplar 1911

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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inform me immediately so that (without cost) material may be
taken for bacteriological examination.
May I ask you to be good enough to also inform me, should
you learn, in the course of your visits, of the prevalence of racs in
any particular neighbourhood, and also if you hear of any rats
being found dead.
I am forwarding you copy of a " Memorandum " on plague by
the Medical Officer of the Local Government Board.
Thanking you in anticipation,
I am, dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,
Medical Officer of Health.
Metropolitan Borough of Poplar,
Public Health Offices,
Bow Road, E.
Urgent. (Corner of Fairfield Road),
20th June, 1911.
Dear Sir,
Plague— Rats.
At a wharf in the Borough of Stepney, plague has occurred
amongst rats.
Plague is a disease which is communicable from rats to man.
Will you please be good enough to immediately inform me if
your premises are infested with rats, and if upon or near them any
rats have been found ill or dead.
If you have found, or at a future time should find, any rats ill
or dead, I shall be pleased to have them submitted for bacteriological
On the other side is given information (extract from a
" Memorandum on Plague," by the Medical Officer of the Local
Government Board) as to how plague is communicable from rats
to man, and precautions to be taken to prevent the disease.

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