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Poplar 1911

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Metropolitan Borough]

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From. Ship. Persons. Report.
April 4. London County Council " Plassy," H.T 1 Well.
„ 6. London County Council " Plassy," H.T 2 Well.
Notices were received as follow of persons proceeding to certain
addresses in Poplar from vessels on which cases of smallpox had
occurred, viz.:—
From. Ship. Persons. Report.
May 12. Southampton Port s.s. " Grosser Kurfurst" 1 Well.
Medical Officer
,, 13. Liverpool Port Medical s.s. " El Argentino" 3 Well.
Rats at Wharves, etc.
At a wharf in Stepney plague had occurred among rats. Dr. Reece,
of the Local Government Board, interviewed the Mayor, Chairman of the
Public Health and Housing Committee, Town Clerk, Borough Surveyor
and the Medical Officer of Health, at the Council Offices, Poplar, on the
19th June, in regard to the matter.
Circular letters, as follow, were forwarded by the Medical Officer of
Health, together with copies of the Memorandum issued by the Medical
Officer of the Local Government Board, to the medical practitioners of the
Borough, and extracts from the Memorandum to the occupiers of wharves,
warehouses and factories situate in the Borough :—
Metropolitan Borough of Poplar,
Public Health Offices,
Bow Road, E.
Urgent. (Corner of Fairfield Road),
20th .Tune, 1911.
Dear Sir,
Re Plague.
At a wharf in the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney plague has
occurred amongst rats.
Under the Public Health (London) Act, 1891, plague in man
is a notifiable disease, but should you in your practice have any
doubt about a case you have under treatment will you please

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