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Poplar 1900

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Poplar, Bromley, South District comprising the parishes of All Saints Poplar and Bromley Saint Leonard]

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formed of any person in the district who might be suspected to be
suffering from plague, and he stated that the Public Health Committee
had authorised him to send to Dr. Klein for bacteriological
examination, material from any such cases. In his letter he also
stated with respect to the provision of refuges for the accommodation
of persons who had been in contact or living with persons attacked
by plague that the London County Council had in reply to a letter
from the Local Government Board, informed the Board that the
Council was prepared to provide such accommodation as is necessary.
From the"London County Council there was also received a report
upon the signs and symptoms of plague by James Cantlie, M.B.,
F.R.C.S., D.P.H., which report had been ordered by the Public
Health Committee to be printed.
The London County Council forwarded the report of the Public
Health Committee upon "Precautions against Plague in London."
From the Local Government Board there was received a General
Memorandum on the Proceedings which are advisable in places
attacked or threatened by epidemic disease.
The Medical Officer of the Local Government Board also forwarded
a Plague Memorandum upon
(1) Administrative Considerations.
(2) Symptoms of Plague.
In his communication there were enclosed directions for obtaining and
forwarding for bacterioscopic examination material from suspected
plague cases.
Upon the receipt of the above memorandum I sent to all the
medical practitioners of the Poplar Borough a letter enclosing
extracts from the Plague Memorandum of the Medical Officer of
the Local Government Board. The symptoms of plague, for the
information of the practitioners, were set out in full.

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