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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Area of Borough (including 20 acres of waterways)1,356 acres
Rateable Value£2,716,636 (£2,527,410)
Product of a penny rate (net)£10,810 (£10,420)
Population (Registrar General's midyear home population)113,350 (113,400)
Number of dwellings (according to the Rate Books)31,451 (31,839)
Live Births Number2,480 (2,288)
Rate per 1,000 population21.88 (20.18)
Illegitimate Live Births per cent, of total live births22 (18)
Still Births Number48 (44)
Rate per 1,000 total live and stillbirths19(19)
Total Live and Still Births2,528 (2,332)
Infant Deaths (deaths under one year)64 (51)
Infant Mortality Rates Total infant deaths per 1,000 total live births26 (22)
Legitimate infant deaths per 1,000 legitimate live births28 (22)
Illegitimate infant deaths per 1,000 illegitimate live births18 (24)
Neo-natal Mortality Rate (deaths under four weeks per 1,000 total live births)19(17)
Early Neo-natal Mortality Rate (deaths under one week per 1,000 total live births)16(15)
Perinatal Mortality Rate (still births and deaths under one week combined per 1,000 total live and still births)35 (33)
Maternal Mortality (including abortion) Number of deaths3(2)
Rate per 1,000 total live and still births1.2 (0.9)
Deaths from all causes1,192 (1,227)
Borough death rate (deaths per 1,000 population)10.52 (10.82)
Comparability factors—Births0.81 (0.80)
Deaths1.03 (1.03)
England and Wales—Birth rate17.1 (16.5)
Death rate11.5 (11.6)