London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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A. Rawson (temporary appointment)
Miss D. L. Smeaton
Mrs. F. M. Bean
Area Public Health Inspectors:—
W. H. G. Atkins (1)
V. L. Ronchetti (1) (2)
E. B. Wilde (1) (2) (3)
Area Public Health Inspector and Clean Air Inspector:—
G. S. Adams (1) (2) (3)
District Public Health Inpsectors:—
C. G. Heron (1) (2)
E. Marshall (1) (2)
C. Chesterman (1) (2)
R. Fowler (1) (2)
R. E. Williams (1) (2)
V. A. Vickers (1)
J. W. Starr (1) (2)
K. G. Mahers (1) (2)
R. C. Morton (1) (2)
Chief Food Inspector and Sampling Officer:—
A. C. Harrison (1) (2)
Inspector for Shops Acts, Outworkers and Restaurants:—
Miss A. M. Gallimore (1) (2) (4)
Welfare Officer:—
Miss I. O. D. Harrison, S.S.D.(London), M.I.W.O.
Visitors (Infectious Disease and Old People):—
Mrs. A. J. Short (4)
Mrs. J. Purdie (4)
Holiday Home Manageress:—
Mrs. G. Cope
Rodent Officer:—
W. A. Dunkley
General Assistants (Clean Air):—
C. Lewis
N. R. Wilson
There are three male Student Public Health Inspectors
undergoing training.
Four Rodent Operators, two Medicinal Baths Attendants,
three Disinfection and Disinfestation Operatives, and one Drain
Testing Assistant are employed in the Public Health Department.
The Holiday Home has a domestic staff of three (cook,
chambermaid-waitress and general domestic).
(1) Public Health Inspector's Certificate.
(2) Meat and Other Foods Certificate.
(3) Smoke Inspector's Certificate.
(4) State Registered Nurse.