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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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Inspections.—During the year 1,342 visits were paid to
restaurants and cafes and 1,786 visits to other food shops. The
figures for 1959 were 1,110 and 2,659 respectively.

Food shops.—Following are the details of the food shops in the Borough at the end of the year:-

Bakers and cake shops37 (35)
Butchers58 (59)
Chemists41 (42)
Fishmongers17 (17)
Fried fish shops13 (13)
Grocers41 (42)
General shops26 (26)
Provision stores119(116)
Domestic stores20 (19)
Corn chandlers3 (3)
Greengrocers and fruiterers77 (78)
Public Houses101 (103)
Cider Houses1 (1)
Off licences55 (55)
Restaurants and cafes139 (139)

Canteens.-There are approximately 31 canteens of various
sizes in the Borough.
Wholesale food stores.—There are 16 (15) wholesale food stores
in the Borough.
Food factories.—There are 9 (11) food factories in the Borough
including 2 (2) ice cream factories.
Bacteriological examinations.—Twenty-four ice cream samples
were graded as follows:-
Grade 1 21
Grade 2 3
Grade 3 —
Grade 4 —
Eighty-nine (95) samples of milk were examined and all
conformed to the standards required by the Milk Regulations.
Sampling.—During the year 600 (600) samples were submitted
to the Public Analyst for examination. Prosecutions in respect of
two samples are reported under "Legal Proceedings." The report
of the Public Analyst will be found as an appendix.
Street Traders.—The Council have licenced 7 (7) coffee stalls'
21 (21) fruit and vegetable stalls and 2 (2) ice-cream stalls.
PROTECTIVE HELMETS.—During the year shops selling protective
helmets were visited and samples of the stocks were inspected
to ensure that the helmets had been certified by the British Standards
Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act, 1956, makes it an offence
for helmets to be sold which are not of a type prescribed nor
authorised under Regulations made by the Minister of Transport.