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Paddington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Paddington, Metropolitan Borough of]

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figures below give a summary of the work done at the Medicinal
Baths and by the Disinfecting and Disinfesting Operatives.


Rooms treated for vermin714(906)
Articles disinfested1,737(1,107)
Rooms disinfected after infectious disease63(96)
Library books disinfected365(334)
Articles of clothing, etc., disinfected514(544)
Number of adults treated51(37)
Number of children treated6(19)
Number of treatments given103(108)
Number of adults treated (heads)14(10)
Number of children treated (heads)2(-)
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The staff of the medicinal baths and disinfecting service also
deal with the laundry and home bathing which is reported under
" Care of the Aged."
Unsoundfood.-Approximately 7 (9) tons of diseased or unsound
food was seized or surrendered for destruction. Diseased meat is
incinerated, and other condemned food disposed of through the
normal refuse channels.
Registrations.-The following registrations were in force at the
end of the year under the Milk and Dairies Regulations or the Food
and Drugs Act.
Distributors of milk 136 (142)
Dairies 1 (1)
Ice-cream premises 224 (216)
Food premises 61 (63)
Licences.—Licences under the Milk (Special Designation)
Regulations to sell designated milk in force at the end of the year
are given below:-
Dealers' Principal Licences
Pasteurised 121(118)
Sterilised 130(119)
Tuberculin tested 100 (94)
Dealers' Supplementary Licences
Pasteurised 24 (24)
Sterilised 27 (27)
Tuberculin tested 23 (23)

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