London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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locality.nature of nuisance.when reportd.means adopted to remedy.
Albert Road, SydenhamRoad in a dangerous and filthy stateJanuary and FebruaryNot remedied at present, but nearly sufficient money is collected for its repair by private contribution
Arnold's Silk Mills, LewishamDrainage into RavensbourneAprilDrainage into Ravensbourne still continues
Avenue Road, LewishamMr. Smith's 2 houses, Mr. Knott 4 ditto, drainage into RavensbourneAprilWork in hand, and will shortly be done
Anerley Industrial School, PengeMarshy undrained land at back of school; drainage of house deodorized, and part drained into ditchAprilNothing done
Bird-in-hand Passage, SydenhamOffensive privies and deficient drainage, causing sicknessFebruaryNot remedied
Brockley Lane,A ditch filled with noxiousMarchNot remedied
Sydenham Crooked Billet, Pengesewage, with no outfall A yard at back of houses contiguous; no drainage; offensive manure heapJanuaryNot remedied
Cross Street, Lewishamrunning into well Overflowing privies and want of drainageNot remedied
Crystal Crescent, SydenhamMarshy offensive road and bad drainageMarchNot remedied
Cleveland Square, back of White Hart, LewishamBad drainage and offensive state of 14 cottagesAprilNot remedied
Forest Hill, SydenhamDrainage into canal; marshy state of banks and neighbouring landJanuaryDrainage is all cut off and the canal is refilled
Forest Hill, SydenhamOpen ditch receiving drainage just within the Cam-berwell boundary, detrimental to health of the adjacent Lewisham rate- payersJune
George Inn, LewishamOffensive drains from, and Nicholson's breweryAprilThis completed
Grote's Buildings, LewishamDrainage flowing into ornamental water of Mr. Bran-dram's groundsMayNot remedied
Home's Dale, LewishamNo drainage; overflowing privies and cesspoolsJanuaryNot remedied, but in hand
Hanover Street, LewishamOverflowing privies and cesspools and want of drainageJanuaryNot remedied, but in hand