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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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I would also call your attention to the amount of stagnant water which remains in
many of the ditches; also in mud-pools of the bed of the old water course, at Lewisham,
which require cleansing.
13 houses on the right side of the Lady Well, Lewisham, are without any water
supply whatever; the well having been drained into the sewer.
A ditch, at the top of Forest Hill, just within the Camberwell boundary, is a nuisance
and detrimental to the health of the adjacent ratepayers of the Parish of Lewisham.
Part of this is being covered in, but it is more urgently required that the upper part
should be attended to as well.
21 births and 10 deaths are registered in Sydenham;
6 births and 2 deaths „ „ in Penge;
13 births and 3 deaths „ „ in Blackheath;
18 births and 13 deaths ,, ,, in Lewisham.
Meteorological tables are appended as usual.
I have the honour to remain, Gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,


Week ending.Weight of air. Barometer corrected. Mean inches.Temperature op Air. Thermometer.Prevailing winds.Rainy days.Amount of rain in inches.
Highest.Lowest.Mean of daily readings.
May 31.29.69170 043 153 3S.W.&N.E.30.97
June 7.29.90275 541 156 7S. W.0.00
14.29.82972 548 059 1S. W.30.53
21.29.73472 944 055 6S. W.41.21

Sydenham, June 26th, 1856.