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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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Statement of Liabilities and Assets of the Board of Works for the Lewisham District.

LIABILITIES.—25th March, 1857.£8.d.ASSETS.—25th March, 1857.£3.d.
LEWISHAM, fob General Purposes.LEWISHAM, for General Purposes.
Highway materials37027Amount due by Overseers on precepts .£160000
Establishment, &c1481510Ditto ditto on contract for removing dust, &c.1000
For Sewerage Purposes.
Sewerage works£139760For Sewerage Purposes.
Frontage drains1360
Law and Engineer's charges (estimate)50000Amount due by Overseers on precepts .£120000
1910120Ditto ditto for private works240118
Ditto ditto frontage drains12438
ror Lighting.1564154
Lewisham Division192100Blackheath, Watering.
Sydenham ditto621173
PENGE, tor General Purposes.Amount due by Overseers on Precept20000
For Lighting.
Establishment, &c37311
For Sewebage Purposes.Lewisham Division, amount due from Overseers on Precept21900
Sewerage works23122Sydenham ditto ditto ditto55000
For Lewisham sewerage expenses, but applied to general purposes272600