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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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Statement of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Board of TForJcs for the Lewisham District, from1st January1856,to 25th March,1857.

LEWISHAM, for General Purposes.LEWISHAM, for General Purposes
Highway Board, outstanding rates£405107Highway Board, outstanding liabilities£34410
By precept on Overseers160000Highway wages905152
Contributions towards highways, con-Highway materials and cartage199617
24563Furniture and implements (four-fifths)16025
22501610Repairs and alterations to house, ditto20880
For Sewerage Purposes.Establishment ditto .653911
Loan on security of Sewer Rate£8000004267181
459165For Sewerage Purposes.
294128753177Sewerage works and attendant expenses£527400
Lighting Lewisham Division, from InspectorsCleansing ditches8914
32911Private work70081
Ditto Sydenham ditto damage to lamp2116Frontage drains418410
PENGE, for General Purposes.6481143
By precepts on Overseers,£80000Lighting, Lewisham Division current expenses
Surveyor of Highways, balance, &c18194£6900
818194Instalment of debt of Lighting Inspectors3000
For Sewerage Purposes.9900
Private works1000Watering, Blackheath184150
Balance of cash overpaid by the Trea surer£1111PENGE, for General Purposes.
Highway wages£190111
Balance of cash account overpaid801191Highway materials, &c350142
Furniture and implements (one-fifth) .4007
Repairs and alterations ditto5220
Establishment ditto16376
For Sewerage Purposes.
Private works30911
Petty Cash.—For balance in hand20010

We have caused to be prepared and do allow the above account in abstract, showing the Receipt and Expenditure of the Board of Works for
the Lewisham District for the preceding year, to which is appended a summary statement of all Contracts entered into by the Board in such year,
and of the monies owing to, and debts and liabilities owing by, such Board, on the 25th day of March, 1857.