London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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locality op work.length in feet.size.materials.estimated cost.
¶*Queen Street, Loat's Pits18012 inchPipe22100
¶* Essex Place ditto1409 inchDitto10100
¶* Regent Street ditto1809 inchDitto13100
¶*King Street ditto2002ft by 2ftHalf-brick41170
¶* Ditto, in connection with the above20012 inchPipe2500
¶*Along the east side of Blackheath Village5001ft 6 by 1ft 6Half-brick11900
¶* Spencer Place2002ft by 2ftDitto
From Lewisham Hill along Dartmouth Grove to tho Green Man16501ft 6 by 1ft 6Ditto262100
¶*Main road, Rushey Green105012 inchPipe13600
¶* Willow Walk ditto3009 inchDitto1580
¶ *From Silver Street along Homesdale8503ft by 2ftHalf-brick260130
¶ Lewis Grove20012 inchPipe3000
Limes Grove5002ft by 2ftHalf-brick10000
¶*From the junction in the main line in Catford Hill Road, along Stanstead Lane to the west side of Dartmouth Park52803ft 9 by 2ft 6One brick305400
*¶From the end of the above sewer in Stanstead Lane to Sydenham Park33003ft 4 by 2ft 3Ditto135322
¶*Brockley Lane30012 inchPipe3700
¶*From the Brighton Railway (North of the Greyhound) up the open ditch to Kirkdale9353ft by 2ftHalf-brick33300
*Dartmouth Road, west side301ft 6 by 1 ft 6Ditto7000
¶ * Ditto ditto35012 inchPipe
Wells Road, north side17212 inchDitto2000
•Opposite Sydenham Church65012 inchDitto6500
East side of Forest Hill Station, in Perry Yale69312 inchDitto80170
¶*The Yalley Line, at the back of Wells Road, upper part of Kirkdale1402ft by 2ftHalf-brick2080
*From Bell Green to the Brighton Railway, near the Greyhound38003ft by 2ftDitto162219-6
¶Jews' Walk4253ft by 2ftDitto819190
*Wells Road15552ft by 2ftDitto
*Sydenham Hill5502ft by 2ftDitto
*From Whittle's property, Forest Hill, along the Dulwich Road to the boundary of the District8352ft by 2ftDitto26500
*From Bell Green to Penge84003ft 4 by 2ft 3Brick332600
*At the back of Anerley Gardens, to connect with sewer on the National Freehold Land20002ft by 2ftHalf-Brick44200
*Upper Norwood to the boundary of the District20018 inchDitto2500
*In Green Lane, in connection with the proposed Main Line9002ft by 2ftDitto192100
*The Watershead Line, dividing the Parishes of Beckenham and Penge1602ft by 2ftDitto2400

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