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Lewisham 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham District]

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straight line to its junction with the main sewer in the Lewisliam
Road, nearly opposite Lewisham Bridge.
4. And a fourth sewer from the south-west corner of Blackheath,
proceeding down Lewisham Hill to its junction with the
main near the Railway Station.
There is also a junction sewer between the two main sewers from
the Lee Green sewer, at a point nearly opposite the Roebuck inn,
along Homesdale into the Sydenham sewer, where it crosses Loampit
Yale. In connection with which are several pipe sewers laid
in the various streets and alleys of Loampit Yale.
The Commissioners also constructed some sewers in Loat's Pits,
Lewisham, and in High Street, Jews' Walk, and Willow Road,
Several sewers had also been constructed at the expense of private
individuals, the more important of which are, one in Blackheath
Village by Lord Dartmouth, and one in Forest Hill by several
residents there; some of the estates laid out by building societies
are also efficiently drained, but such unfortunately is not universally
the case.

The debt due from the district, in respect of the works constructed and in contemplation by the Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers, as apportioned by the Metropolitan Board of Works, is £26,664 18s. 10d., composed of the following items:—

Outstanding amount of loan of £140,000 for Main Intercepting Drainage Works1627157
Loans for ordinary sewerage and drainage purposes2131115
Amount of claim for Ordnance Survey of Metropolis9160
Approximate estimate of debt on the current expenditure account of the Commissioners3716510

The Board commenced their proceedings with reference to the
drainage of the district, by directing their Surveyor to report what
sewers and drains were most urgently required in the district, of
what dimensions, and at what cost he estimated the construction.
Subjoined is an abstract of his report. The sewers marked thus (*)
were selected by the Board for immediate construction, and submitted
to the Metropolitan Board for their sanction: those marked (T*)
have been executed during the year.
*The £140,000 was borrowed by the Commissioners for the Main Intercepting
Drainage Works, and is in hand.
The last Sewer Rate made by the Commissioners on the District, was in December,
1854. A similar rate would have been made in December, 1855, but the Commissioners'
power ceasing at the end of the year, they thought it better not to make the rate,
and hence the debt of £3,716 5s. lOd. on current expenditure, for which the rate, if
made, would have provided.