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Lewisham 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]


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    Table 1
    Birth rateDeath rate (per 1,000 population) (adjusted)Infant mortality rate (per 1,000 livebirths)
    Live births (adjusted)Still births
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    Causes of death at different periods of life during the year 1960 The following table shows the causes of and ages at death during the calendar year 1960:— Table 2
    Code No.Causes of deathNett deaths at the subjoined ages of "residents" whether occurring within or without the borough
    MALESTotal persons (i.e., incl. table opp.)
    All agesUnder 1 yr.1 and under 55 and under 1515 and under 2525 and under 4545 and under 6565 and under 7575 and over
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    Code No.Causes of deathNett deaths at the subjoined ages of "residents" whether occurring within or without the borough
    FEMALESTotal persons (i.e., incl. table opp.)
    All agesUnder 1 yr.1 and under 55 and under 1515 and under 2525 and under 4545 and under 6565 and under 7575 and over
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    Deaths under 1 year of age Table 3
    Cause of deathSexUnder 1 day1-6 days1 week2 weeks3 weeksTotal under 4 wks.1-2 mths.3-5 mths.6-8 mths.9-11 mths.Total 1-11 mths.Total under 1 yr.
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    Table 4 Morbidity shown in insurance certificates
    Weekly average for period ending"Lewisham""Downham"
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    Of the 2,510 deaths analysed by us the social categories were as follow:— Table 5
    Social classIIIIIIIVVTotalNo information
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    Table 6
    Code No.Cause of deathMaleFemale
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    Table 7 Grouped deaths in social class
    Code Nos.GroupMaleFemale
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    Table 8
    Social classificationTotalNot classifiable
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    Table 9 Heart and circulation mortality
    YearDeaths fromTotal heart and circulation (all ages)Age group 45-65Total deaths in boroughPercentage
    Coronary diseasesOther heart diseases*Other circulatory diseases†TotalCoronary diseases(e) of (h)(f) of (h)(g) of (h)
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    Table 10
    All cancer deathsLung cancer deaths(c) as % of (b)All cancer deathsLung cancer deaths(f) as % of (e)
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    General statistics from 1901 Table 11
    YearPopulationDeath rate *% dying under age 45% dying under age 65Birth rate *Premature birth rate ‡Maternal death rate †Stillbirth rate †Neonatal death rate **One month to one year death rate (12)-(10) **Infant mortality rate **Reproductive wastage rate (9) +(12)Pulmonary tuberculosisTuberculosis (all forms)
    Notif. rate††Death rate††% notif. rate under 15
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    Table 11— continued
    YearPopulationDeath rate *% dying under age 45% dying under age 65Birth rate *Premature birth rate ‡Maternal death rate †Stillbirth rate †Neonatal death rate **One month to one year death rate (12) . (10) **Infant mortality rate **Reproductive wastage rate (9)+(12)Pulmonary tuberculosisTuberculosis (all forms)
    Notif. rate††Death rate††% notif. rate under 15
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    Disinfecting Station Table 12
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    Verminous conditions Table 13
    1st Cleansing2nd Cleansing3rd Cleansing4th Cleansing
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    Scabies Table 13 — continued
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    Statistics are as under:— Table 14
    MonthBodies received from InstitutionsOthersPost-mortem examinationsInquests held (Lewisham or Southwark)
    Lewisham residentsOthers
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    The undermentioned table gives a summary of the work on the rivers and ditches, prebait being laid on 3/4 days:— Table 15
    LocationBase pointsPoison bait taken (ozs.)(Estimated)
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    A copy of the report covering the calendar year 1960 submitted to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, as required by the provisions of the above Act, is appended:— Table 16
    Type of property
    Local authorityDwelling houses (including council houses)All other (including business premises)TotalAgricultural
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    The following summary relates to the work carried out by the public health laboratory on behalf of the council during 1960:— Table 17
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    There are 4 public swimming baths in the borough, in addition to a few club and school swimming baths. The public swimming baths are shown in the table, together with the laboratory tests taken during the year. Table 18
    BathTestsVariation of chlorine (p.p.m.)
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    Average results of the chemical and bacteriological examination of the water supply to the Borough of Lewisham for 1960 milligrams per litre (unless otherwise stated) ( a ) CHEMICAL Table 19
    Description of the sampleAmmonia nitrogenAlbuminoid nitrogenOxidised nitrogen (nitrate)Chlorides as CI.Oxygen abs. from permanganate (4 hrs. at 27°C)Hardness (total)Hardness (non-carbonate)pH valueElectrical Conductivity (gemmhos)
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    ( b ) BACTERIOLOGICAL Table 20
    Plate counts (average per ml.) Colonies counted on agarColiform countPlate counts (average per ml.) on agarColiform count
    37° C. (20-24 hrs.)22° C. (3 days)Percenatge samples neg. 100 ml.37° C. (20-24 hrs.)22° C. (3 days)Percentage samples neg. 100 ml.
    ColiformE. ColiColiformE. Coli
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    During 1960 two more areas were made the subject of Smoke Control Orders and particulars with regard to these are as follows:—
    NameNo. 6 (Lewisham Park)No. 7 (Sandhurst)
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    Table 21 gives a record of the principal results from six stations and also give some indication of the sunshine, rainfall, etc., during the year. Some of these latter data are not specific to the borough, having been obtained from a publication of the meteorological office, and relate to the nearest station which records the particular item concerned. Atmospheric Conditions in 1960 Table 21
    JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberAverage or actual (as applic.)
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    ( continued from p. 25 )
    Area No. and nameNo. of dwellingsDate of operationRemarks
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    Table 22
    AccidentsQuarter of yearTotal
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    Three nurses (officially called Women Health Officers) are concerned with old people and with infectious disease. Their work for old people is tabulated as follows:— Table 23
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    SECTION C —SANITARY CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE AREA The following table gives a summary of the inspections, etc., carried out by the public health inspectors during the year:— Table 24
    Reason for inspectionWestNorthSouthTotal
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    Summary of notices served Table 25
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    Nuisances remedied Table 26
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    The medical officer of health is required in his annual report to the local authority to report specifically on the administration of, and furnish prescribed particulars with respect to, the matters under part I (factories) and part VIII (outworkers) which are administered by the local authority. Details follow:— Inspections Table 27
    PremisesNumber on registerNumber of
    InspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    Cases in which defects were found Table 28
    DefectsNo. of defectsProsecutions instituted
    To HM InspectorBy HM Inspector
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    The following is a list of trades concerned, extracted from the August, 1960 lists received:—
    TradeOutworkers employed
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    Table 29
    PropertiesDwellings involvedPresent position
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    Closing Orders in respect of part of house Table 30
    PropertiesPart of housePresent position
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    A —HOUSES DEMOLISHEDHousesDisplaced
    Clearance areas (Housing Act, 1957)
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    Rent Act 1957 The Rent Act 1957 came into force on 6 July, 1957, and the following table shows the applications for certificates of disrepair dealt with during the year 1960, and for the whole period.
    Table 3219601957-60
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    Licences, to remain in operation from January 1 to December 31, were issued during the year as follows:— Table 33
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    During the year under review, 46 samples of milk were submitted for examination to the public analyst by the Council's inspectors ; all were found to be genuine. The average composition of the samples is set out in the following table:— Table 34
    PeriodSamplesAverage composition of samples examined Percentage of
    Milk fatSolids not fatWater
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    Table 35
    Period SamplesAverage percentage composition
    FatMilk solids-not fatSucroseWater
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    During the year 163 samples of icecream were submitted for bacteriological examination with the following results:— Table 36
    GradingSamples submitted%
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    Samples Table 37
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    Non-genuine samples Table 38
    ArticleFormal or informalAdulteration or irregularityAction taken or result of proceedings
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    During the year the following were registered, the total (including previous registrations) being shown in the last column.
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    Totals for the portion of the year in which the depot was working are shown in the table:— Table 39
    Country of originTonnage importedAmount unfit, and remarks
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    Table 40
    DiseasesCases notified
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    Notifications of infectious diseases in 1960 showing sex and age groups Table 41
    DiseasesUnder 11-3-5-10-15-25-45-65 +Total
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    Analysis of certain diseases in table 41 into divisional areas— Table 42
    DiseaseDiv. areasUnder 11-3-5-10-15-25-45-65+Total
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    The following is a summary of the work in visiting infectious diseases carried out during the year which is in addition to the visits paid by the public health inspectors referred to in table 24:— Table 43
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    Table 44
    Age periodsNew cases notifiedDeaths
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    Analysis of new cases of tuberculosis into divisional areas:— Table 45
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    Summary of statistics as to tuberculosis for the last ten years Table 46
    YearPopulationNew cases notified (all forms)(excluding inward transfers)Notif.-rate per 100,000 pop.DeathsDeath rate from resp. tuberculosis per 100,000 pop.
    All formsRespiratoryLewishamCounty of London
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    Table 47
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    (1) Food poisoning cases Table 48
    Notifications (corrected)Cases otherwise ascertainedSymptomless excretersFatal cases
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    (2) Particulars of outbreaks Table 49
    OutbreaksCasesTotal cases
    Family outbreaksOther outbreaksNotifiedOtherwise ascertained
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    (3) Single cases Table 50
    NotifiedOtherwise ascertainedTotal cases
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    Table 51
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    Immunisation against diphtheria; whooping cough; smallpox; poliomyelitis Table 52
    Age at December 31, 1960Under 112345-910-14Total under 15
    Born in yearI96019591958195719561951-551946-50
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    The following are details of legal proceedings during the year:—
    Nature of summonsNo.Total finesTotal costsRemarks