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Lewisham 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]

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The following Table summarises the Tuberculosis Register,
and shews the number of cases which exist in the Borough:—

Table 29.

Cases of Tuberculosis on the Register, 1925.

Cases on Register at end of 19246124481060215209424
Cases added to Register in 1925128136264394180
Cases removed from Register in 1925 Deaths6255117171431
Removals from Borough6612112
Cases on Register at end of 19256725231195236235471
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Tuberculosis Dispensary. — The Council's Tuberculosis
Dispensary is situated at 47, Catford Hill, and comprises a
Consulting Room, two Dressing Rooms, Waiting-Room, Office,
Dispensary, Lavatory, and Caretaker's Apartments. It is staffed
by the Tuberculosis Officer, who is a part-time officer, a ClerkDispenser,
and two Health Visitors. Four half-day sessions for
patients are held in each week.
The work carried out at the Dispensary is set out in (he
following report by Dr. Rose Jordan, the Tuberculosis Officer:—
During the year 1925 there were 344 primary notifications of tuberculosis
in the Borough, of which 264 were of pulmonary tuberculosis and
80 of other forms of tuberculosis. During the same period 117 persons died
from pulmonary tuberculosis and 31 from other forms of tuberculosis, the
death-rate from pulmonary tuberculosis thus being 0.63 per 10C0 inhabitants,
as compared with 0.68 in 1924, and 0.76 in 19-3. This gradual and consistent
fall in the death-rate is encouraging.
In May, 1925, the first inhabitant took up their residence on the newlydeveloped
L.C.C. Downham Estate, and since then there has been a steady
influx from all parts of London of families containing one or more tuberculous
members. From May to December, 15 notified cases of tuberculosis
had arrived on this estate, some of them in a very advanced stage of the
disease. It will therefore not be surprising if the incidence of tuberculosis
in the Borough of Lewisham appears to increase during the year 1926.

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