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Lewisham 1925

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lewisham Borough]

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the London General Hospitals, are also largely used by the
Institutional Treatment for Unmarried Mothers.
No accommodation is provided by the Council. The
Lewisham and Lee Shelter for Girls, situated at Ladywell
Park, Lewisham, provides accommodation for unmarried
mothers and their infants.
Ambulance Facilities.
(a) For Infectious Cases.— Provided by the Metropolitan
Asylums Board.
(b) For Non-Infectious and Accident Cases. — The M. A. B.
Ambulance Service is also available for the conveyance of
non-infectious cases, andi that of the London County Council
for accidents and maternity cases.
Clinics and Treatment Centres.
(a) Provided by the Borough Council:—
Ante-Natal.—At the Maternity Home, Rushey Green.
Infant and! Maternity.—At the Wesleyan Hall, Rushey Green.
Tuberculosis.—Tuberculosis Dispensary, 47, Catford Hill.
(b) Volurdary.
Infant Welfare Centres:—
Bellingham.—St. Dunstan's Hall, Bellingham.
Catford.—Wesleyan Hall, Rushey Green.
Forest Hill.—Salvation Army Hall, Wastdale Road.
Hither Green.—Wesleyan Hall, Torridon Road.
Lee and Blackheath.—St. Margaret's Hall, Old Road.
Sydenham.—5-7, Adamsrill Road.
Venereal Diseases.
St. John's Hospital, Lewisham.
Public Mortuary.
The Mortuary and) Coroner's Court are situated in Ladywell
Road, Lewisham. During the year 1925, 177 bodies were
received into the Mortuary, and 175 inquests held. Post-mortem
examinations numbered 95.