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Greenwich 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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shew a considerable increase in the number of deaths daring the
year 1857 as compared with the former year of 1856. The same
remark will nearly apply to the 7 previous years, as shewn in the
next Table, with the exception of the two Cholera years of 1849
and 1854. But, as regards the Parish of Greenwich, there has
been less mortality in the past year of 1857 than has taken place
during any year since 1850, in which year the deaths were very
much reduced in number, no doubt in consequence of the premature
destruction of many infirm and aged persons by the Cholera of the
previous year of 1849.
The following Table will shew the relative number of deaths
as above alluded to, during the past 9 years.

TABLE No. 6.

Greenwich.St. Paul, Deptford.St. Nicholas, Deptford.
In the Year 18491633699203
„ 18501060432123
„ 18511167516135
„ 18521161545148
„ 18531276521188
„ 18541471729325
,, 18551327569166
„ 18561146608143
„ 18671065670166
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The seventh Table will shew the comparative number of
males and females that have died in the District during the past
two years.

TABLE No. 7.

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The next table will shew the births and deaths that
occurred in the District during each month and each quarter of the
year 1857. The ages at which each death took place, and the
different diseases causing such deaths.

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