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Greenwich 1857

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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The fourth Table will shew the total number of deaths occur-ing in the different Divisions of the District during the year 1857. TABLE No. 4.

Greenwich, EastGreenwich, East234393246639
Greenwich Hospital217
Greenwich Union188
Greenwich WestGreenwich West326258168426
Dreadnought Hospital100
St. Paul, Deptford347323670
St. Nicholas, Deptford8581166
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The fifth Table will shew more clearly a comparative statement
of the deaths as they occurred in the different Divisions of
the District during the years 1856 and 1857.

TABLE No. 5.

Greenwich, East.Greenwich, West.St. Paul, Deptford.St. Nicholas, Deptford.Total.
Greenwich, East.Greenwich Hospital.Greenwich Union.Greenwich West.Dreadnought Hospital.
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From the above Table it will be seen that although the number
of deaths have only increased by 4 during the whole year of
1857, still it will appear that a considerable variation has taken
place in the mortality of the District as regards the comparative
numbers to be assigned to the different Divisions of the District in
the years of 1856 and 1857. Throughout the whole Parish of
Greenwich, exclusive of the Union Workhouse and the Dreadnought
Hospital Ship, it is shewn that there is a considerable
diminution in the rate of mortality ; and even in the Union Workhouse
there has been an increase of but one death. The Dreadnought
Hospital Ship will shew a somewhat remarkable coincidence,
the numbers being 100 in each year. I regret to have to point out
to you, and it cannot fail to be remarked by the Members of your
Board, that the Parishes of St. Paul and St. Nicholas, Deptford,

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