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Greenwich 1856

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich District]

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2nd.—Table showing the number of births and deaths in the District, exclusive of the deaths occurring in the Hospitals and Union House:—

Greenwich.St. Paul, Deptford.St. Nicholas, Deptford.Total.
Excess of Births over Deaths5746241571355
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From the first of the above tables it will be seen, that the
excess of births over deaths in the Parish of Greenwich is only 48.
This estimate includes the deaths from the Royal Hospital,
the Dreadnought Hospital, and Union Workhouse. I am informed
by the Registrars for Greenwich that this excess of deaths is also
invariably maintained, and for the reasons just mentioned.
But if (as shown in the second table) the deaths occurring in
the public establishments—viz., 526, be deducted from the total
number registered in the Parish, 620 will remain as actually
belonging to the Town of Greenwich; thus proving the excess of
births over deaths in that Parish to be 574, which is somewhat in
a fair ratio as compared with most other Districts.
The next fact, perhaps, worthy of remark is, the large proportion
of births in the Parish of Saint Paul, compared with the other
Parishes in the District.
The population of Greenwich, excluding the Hospitals and
Union House, is upwards of 10,000 more than that of Saint Paul;
yet the births in the Parish of Saint Paul exceed those of Greenwich
by 38.
This large amount of births in the Parish of Saint Paul is
considered by Mr. Marchant, the Registrar for that District, to
arise from the number of artizans, employed by the Government
and other establishments, living in the neighbourhood. Whole
streets are occupied by these workmen, who are mostly young

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