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Lambeth 1966

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth Borough]

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The number of aged persons receiving benefit from this service increased
during the year, and 4,100 baths were given.
I am indebted to Dr. E. Windle Taylor, Director of Water Examination,
Metropolitan Water Board, for the following report on the water supply to the
The supply to the Borough of Lambeth has been satisfactory both as to
quality and quantity throughout 1966.
The supply was derived from the following works and pumping
River Thames (Southern Group) and Honor Oak Well.
No new sources of supply were instituted.
The number of samples collected and the bacteriological and chemical
analyses of the supply from the above sources after treatment are shown
on the attached sheets. No fluoride was added, and where the fluoride
content is indicated it represents the naturally occurring fluoride in the
The supply being hard in character is not liable to be plumbo-solvent.
All new and repaired mains are disinfected with chlorine, after a
predetermined period of contact the pipes are flushed out and refilled;
samples of water are then collected from these treated mains; and the
mains are returned to service only after results are found to be satisfactory.
The quality control from these laboratories is carried out by means of
daily sampling from sources of supply, through the treatment works or
well stations, from the distribution system, and through to the consumer.
Any sign of contamination or any other abnormality is immediately
The board has no record of the number of structurally separate
dwellings supplied in Lambeth, but the population supplied direct
according to the Registrar General's estimates at 30th June, 1966 was