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Islington 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Factories Act, 1937 - Section 54
Basement Bakehouses
Certificates of suitability as required by Section 54 of the Factories Act, 1937,
continued to be in force in respect of 9 basement bakehouses at the following addresses:-
76 Caledonian Road, N. 1. 7, Junction Road, N.
8 Danbury Street, N. 1. 59 Junctio„ Road, N
54 Archway Road, N.
146 Blackstock Road, N. 77 Newinton Green Road, N
3 Cardwell Terrace, N. 123 Newington Green Road, N.
Public Health (London) Act 1936.
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1937.
Noise Abatement Act, 1960 - Noise Nuisances.
The complaints of alleged noise nuisances investigated during the year varied from
noise arising from the playing of gramophone records to the parking of vehicles in squares.
Complaints relating to noise arising from the operation of machinery were also received.
It was possible during the year to secure abatement of 22 confirmed cases of noise
nuisances. Action taken included a prosecution in respect of noise arising from an illseated
extraction fan serving the ventilating system of a restaurant. These conditions gave
rise to an acute noise nuisance in flats situated immediately adjacent to the restaurant at
first floor level. Over a long period Public Health Inspectors kept observation on these
particular premises, and it was only after legal proceedings that the owner took effective
action. No further complaints have been received from this source, and the complainants have
been most grateful for the action taken by this Department.
Another complaint received was in respect of alleged nuisance from noise following
dancing and bingo sessions at a hall let for this purpose during the week, and let on Sundays
to a religious organisation. Observations were kept during the evenings and weekends and the
matter was brought to a satisfactory conclusion.
Number of Complaints received 64
Number of Inspections, etc 291

Legal Proceedings

Public Health (London)Act, 1936

As amended by the London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1937.

DateAddressSection of ActMagistrate's Decision
18. 7. 1961379, Holloway Road82Fined £2. 0s„ Od. and £2. 10s. 6d. costs. Ordered to abate nuisance within 7 days
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Public Health (London) Act. 1936. Section 121.
Protection of Birds Act, 1954.
Pigeon Nuisances
The Council renewed the authority of the pigeon catcher and engaged him to give specific
treatment in two areas where nuisance arose from congregation of pigeons.
Several complaints were received in respect of nuisances from pigeons entering loft
spaces and buildings, the Public Health Inspector was able to take necessary action to
secure these premises against further entry by these birds.

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