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Islington 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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The number of inspections, etc. of offensive trades premises were:-

Tripe Boilers222951
Fur Skin Dresser1-1
Gut Scrapers9514
Fat Melters212647
Licensed Slaughterhouse91322

With reference to the premises occupied by J L Henson (Wholesale) Ltd , at 14/18 Market
Road, for tripe boiling, the Council agreed in principle to the proposed transfer of this
business to premises in Vale Royal. The new premises would include the tripe boiling factory
of Edmund Martin Ltd , together with the establishment of the businesses of fat melter or fat
In accordance with the provisions of the Slaughterhouses Act 1958 and a communication
received from the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Pood in September Messrs Harrison
Barber & Co Ltd., at 180 York Way, which is used as a slaughterhouse, received consideration,
particularly as the Slaughterhouse Hygiene Regulations, 1958 and the Slaughter of Animals
(Prevention of Cruelty) Regulations, 1958, both of which had been amended now apply to
slaughterhouses in the Administrative County of London In agreement with the Company it was
considered that a recommendation could be forwarded to the Minister giving the appointed day
for the coming into force of the Regulations in Islington as 1st September 1960
Arising out of a complaint received of offensive smells emanating from the rear of a
butcher' s shop in the Borough, the Public Health Inspector, upon investigation found that the
business of a slaughterer of poultry was b6ing carried on in the rear basement room The fowls
were kept in a large shed and at the time df inspection approximately 1 300 live birds were
housed. The proprietor, upon being interviewed, stated that he had recently found a market for
broiler chickens and, therefore, had carried on the business of slaughtering poultry to meet the
demand. He was informed that the trade of a slaughterer of poultry had been declared by Order
of the London County Council, to be an offensive trade which could not be established without
the approval of the Local Authority and he was liable to heavy penalties upon conviction for
carrying on the business at this address The butcher co-operated with this Department inasmuch
as the slaughtering of poultry was immediately discontinued arrangements being made with an
approved slaughterer in another Borough. The keeping of poultry at this address which is
situated in a densely built-up area, was still under consideration at the end of the year
Diseases of Animals Acts, 1935-1950.
Anthrax Order, 1938.
Early in the year information was received from another district that 11 mink skins had
been despatched by registered post from a mink farm in that area to an address in this Borough
for dressing, and it was suspected that Anthrax infection was present Upon receipt of this
information the Chief Public Health Inspector notified the Northern District Post Office
immediately and the parcel was intercepted The Public Control Department of the County Council,
being the Authority responsible for the Diseases of Animals Acts 1935-1950 was also immediately
informed. The parcel, after identification, was forwarded to the Ministry of Agriculture for
examination at their Weybridge laboratories Anthrax organisms were confirmed in the skins and
the pelts were thereupon destroyed. The parcel was so secured that infecting organisms were
considered unlikely to have been distributed from the external surface of the parcel during
transit but as a precaution the mail bag in which it was contained was destroyed and the uniforms
of the Post Office staff who handled the parcel were similarly dealt with The Post Office were
also requested to inform the Medical Officer of Health of any unusual staff sickness in those
who may have come into contact with the package during the incubation period Fortunately there
were no further developments and thanks are due for the cooperation of the Post Office Authorities
and the Company concerned.