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Islington 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Islington Borough]

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Factories Act, 1937 - Section 54.
Basement Bakehouses.
Certificates of Suitability, as required by Section 54 of the Factories Act, 1937,
continued to be in force in respect of 14 basement bakehouses at the following addresses: -
52 Balls Pond Road, N.1. 54 Archway Road, N
76 Caledonian Road, N.1. 146 Blackstock Road, N
299 Caledonian Road, N.1. 3 Cardwell Terrace, N
8 Danbury Street, N.1. 7 Junction Road, N
68 Essex Road, N.1. 59 Junction Road, N
350 Essex Road, N.1. 77 Newington Green Road, N
52 Stanmore Street, N.1. 123 Newington Green Road, N
Public Health (London) Act, 1936.
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1937.
Noise Nuisances.
As mentioned in my previous Report, the age of mechanisation brings with it noise nuisances
and complaints are received by the Department from time to time These are usually solved
by the Public Health Inspector visiting the premises in question and obtaining the cooperation
of the Management in abating the nuisance
Difficulty is experienced in controlling cafes and refreshment houses which are open
if not all night until the early hours of the morning Complaints are received of noise
caused by the playing of juke boxes and in one case where repeated complaints had been
received the Committee authorised an all-night inspection Consequent upon the continued
efforts of the Inspector the noise nuisance was abated and in a letter received from one
of the complainants, appreciation was expressed on behalf of himself and his neighbours for
the action taken which had resulted in giving them a good night s sleep
A petition was received from a number of residents in the neighbourhood of Camden Lane
complaining of fires and petrol tank explosions In addition to the petition a local medical
practitioner reported that the noise caused by car breaking in Camden Lane was having an
adverse affect upon one of his patients As this Lane is included in a London County Council
Compulsory Purchase Order the Valuer of that Authority was informed and although car breaking
activities did not cease during the year the nuisance was kept to a minimum
The operation of machinery and the continued use of fans during the night were the
source of two further complaints Appropriate action was taken in each case and the nuisances
were abated
The work required to minimise noise nuisance caused by the combustion and inflow of air
to the burners in two oil furnaces in a building occupied by a Government Department was
completed during the year. Consequent upon the erection of baffle walls in the boiler house
the nuisance was abated and no further complaints have been received
Fun Fair - Copenhagen Street
During December a fun fair was erected on the vacant site bounded by Boadicea Street.
Treaty Street and Copenhagen Street Certain complaints were immediately received alleging
nuisance from noise Upon investigation it was found that the fair operated from 6 p.m. until
10 p.m. Monday to Friday and on Saturday from 2 30 p.m. until 10 p.m. There was no music and
the fair did not operate on Sundays All the caravans were provided with portable Elsan closets
and water was obtained from the nearby house and arrangements were being made with the
Metropolitan Water Board for a water rate to be paid The refuse disposal was satisfactory
there was no nuisance from atmospheric pollution and although observations were kept by
Public Health Inspectors on a number of occasions it did not appear that the amount of noise
created would justify legal action
Details of action taken in respect of complaints received of alleged nuisances during
the year are as follows:-
Number of Inspections 158
Complaints received 42