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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Registration of Premises used for the Manufacture, Storage or Sale of Ice Cream
Premises used for the manufacture, storage or sale of ice cream are required by
Section 16 of the Food and Drugs Act, 1955, to be registered by the local authority.
On the 1st January, 1960, two sets of premises were registered for the manufacture,
storage and sale of ice cream, in Holborn, and 128 premises were registered for storage
and sale.
During the year 4 applications were received and approved in respect of premises
to be used for storage and sale of ice cream.
At the end of the year, there were two registrations for manufacture, storage and sal e,
and 132 premises were registered for storage and sale.
Ice Cream (Heat Treatment, Etc.) Regulations, 1959
During the year, 61 samples of ice cream were submitted for examination by the
Methylene Blue Test. The results in the grading suggested by the Ministry of Health
were as follows:—
Grade 1 51
Grade 2 5
Grade 3 2
Grade 4 3
In addition, 9 samples of ice lollies were submitted for bacteriological examination,
and all of them were found to be satisfactory.
In the case of samples falling within Grades 3 and 4, letters were sent to the vendors
drawing their attention to the poor grading. In such cases where the ice cream was
manufactured outside Holborn, details were also sent to the Medical Officers of Health
of the areas concerned.
Licensed Premises
There are 75 public houses in the Borough, and during the year 80 inspections were
carried out.
In addition, 45 reports were submitted to the Licensing Justices, in respect of premises
where application had been made for the grant, re-grant or transfer of a licence under
the Licensing Act, 1953,

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