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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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These figures approximate closely to those of the previous ten years, averages of which are tabulated below:— Designated Milk

YearNo. of Samples examinedTotal Solids (average)Non-fatty Solids (average)Fat (average)
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Milk (Special Designations) Regulations
A person proposing to use a special designation authorised by the Regulations is
required to apply to the licensing authority of the area in which the milk is to be sold,
for a licence to use the designation. Upon being satisfied that the relevant provisions
of the Regulations are complied with, a Licensing Authority grant a dealer's licence to a
distributor in respect of each of his premises within their area from which the designated
milk is to be sold. A licence is issued for a period of five years and permits the sale of
designated milk outside as well as inside the area of the licensing authority (see p. 38).

During the year 177 licences were issued, details of which are as follows:—

Dealer's LicencesDealer's Supplementary Licences
To sell Tuberculin Tested milk3122
To sell Pasteurised milk4422
To sell Sterilised milk4424
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Milk—Bacteriological Examination
During the year, 109 samples of milk were submitted for bacteriological examination.
42 of these were from milk supplied to schools in the Borough and four to a Day Nursery.

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