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Holborn 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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Complaints During the year 532 complaints were received in respect of the following nuisances:—

Artificial lighting, absence of, on common staircase-
Aged and infirm persons1
Animals improperly kept4
Dilapidations and disrepair22
Drains, choked or defective17
Dustbin accommodation inadequate or unsuitable1
Food premises, unsatisfactory conditions in7
Obnoxious smells42
Refuse, accumulations of20
Rodent infestation182
Roofs, defective16
Unsound food22
Ventilation inadequate2
Water supply, burst pipes
W.C. accommodation inadequate, dirty or defective25
Water supply, inadequate1
Water supply, impure1
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1. Water for drinking and commercial purposes in this area is supplied by the Metropolitan
Water Board and has been satisfactory both in quantity and quality.
2. There is a piped supply, and bacteriological examinations of the raw water are
made by the Metropolitan Water Board, who also perform chemical analysis.
3. The water is not known to have any plumbo-solvent action.
4. No action has been necessary in respect of contamination.
5. All dwelling houses have a piped supply, and standpipes are normally used only in
cases of emergency, such as repair of mains.
One complaint of impure water was received. Upon investigation it was found that
the condition of the water was due to the state of the internal pipes and fittings, and was
During the year 3,956 inspections were made by the Public Health Inspectors in
connection with drainage work; 137 applications for approval of proposed drainage work
were submitted together with the necessary plans, and 117 Combined Drainage Orders were
made. In 6 cases, consent was given to the carrying out of work on the single stack system
of drainage.
L.C.C. (General Powers) Act, 1953—Part II
Discharge of trade effluent into sewers.
Empowers the London County Council and Borough Councils to control the volume
and content of new or modified effluents proposed to be discharged from trade premises
into sewers.

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