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Holborn 1927

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Holborn Borough]

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natal clinic. This clinic has proved of much service to expectant mothers in the
Borough, but it was felt that its usefulness might be increased if earlier knowledge
of pregnancy was furnished to the Medical Officer of Health. The Health Visitors
could then endeavour to persuade the expectant mother to attend the ante-natal
clinic; offer her advice as to a healthy mode of life during pregnancy, this
advice being set out in a leaflet which had already proved acceptable; keep in
touch with the mother and persuade her to obtain medical advice if her health in any
way was not satisfactory.
It was proposed that a scheme for the voluntary notification by medical
practitioners and midwives should be instituted, fees to be paid at the rate of
2s. 6d. each notification in private practice and 1s. for each notification in public
practice as Medical Officers or midwives acting for public institutions, the
notifications to be made only with the approval of the expectant mothers. The
Council agreed, subject to the approval of the Minister of Health, to put the
scheme into operation. The sanction of the Minister was obtained and the scheme
came into operation at the beginning of 1928.
Maternal and Infant Consultations.

The following summary refers to maternal and infant consultations at 10, John Street and the Short's Gardens Centres during the year 1927 :—

Reasons for Attendance.John StreetShort's Gardens.
Difficulty with breast feeding287
Generative organs95
Dental caries457
Heart disease3
Venereal disease3
Respiratory disease51
Digestive disorders6
Other disorders273
Congenital syphilis2
Alimentary disorders769
Respiratory diseases649
Hernia, umbilical15
do. inguinal3
Diseases of skin342
Disease of eye201
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