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Hammersmith 1968

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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Rodent Control
Treatment of sewers with sodium fluoracetamide has continued. This
method of treatment assists in controlling the rat population. A proportion
of surface infestations is directly due to rats coming from defective
and disused drain connections to the sewers. Concurrently with normal surface
treatment, action is always taken to remedy any defects found in
house drains and sewers.
Income from treatment at business premises amounted this year to

The following is a summary of the work for the year:-

1. Number of properties in district64,827
2. a. Total number of properties (including nearby premises) inspected following notification.1,847
b. Number infested by (i) rats762
(ii) mice999
3. a. Total number of properties inspected for rats and/or mice for reasons other than notifications.491
b. Number infested by (i) rats1
(ii) mice1
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Pigeons in parks and open spaces are regarded by most people as an
attraction. They are fed and photographed during the day, and at night
return to roost in residential areas and become nuisances. Complaints of
such nuisances are increasing and a contractor is employed by the Council
to clear infestations where such action is justiable. During the course
of the year two thousand pigeons were shot or trapped in the Borough. Howas
each pocket is cleared of birds it can soon begin to fill again if
food continues to be made available. Pleas to known inveterate feeders to
refrain do not always get the desired response.
Under present conditions eradication is not possible and our efforts
merely serve to control the numbers and afford some temporary relief.
Disease of Animals Act 1950
Action under this Act is undertaken for the Council by the Veterinary
Officer of the City of London.
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