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Hammersmith 1967

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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Disinfestation The following table indicates the variety of work under this section:-

Bed bugs147289Flies1826
Dirty premises812Moths25
Not defined914
Totals: Premises - 368 Rooms - 737Wasps - 100 nests
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Di (infection
Premises are not normally sprayed following cases of the more common infectious diseases,
unless a definite applicati on is made. During the year 18 requests for formaldehyde disinfection
were received following death and illness. In most cases, the illness was not of an infectious
nature and spraying was carried out as a palliative measure only.
Assisted Bathing
During the year the Medicinal Baths Superintendent who is a State Registered Nurse,
supervised the bathing of 18 aged or infirm persons, who received 291 baths. Transport is provided
in practically all these cases.
Health Laundry
For the first year since the inception of this service, demand has not increased. It could
be that all in need of this most helpful service are not being assisted.
Departmental Laundry
There has been considerable expansion is this particular section, mainly due to work under
taken for the Welfare Services at Southway Close. This is an old people's home where a total of
32,244 articles were laundered. Work is also undertaken for the tuberculosis hostel, Hurlinghan
Lodge, 5,916 articles being dealt with; here special precautions are taken in view of the infective
nature of the laundry

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