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Hammersmith 1967

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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The Food Standards Committee has issued a report on the present standards for cream with
reco irmendations for their extension; and the Food Additives and Contaminants Committee another
on aldrin and dieldrin suggesting limits for the quantities which should be permitted as residues
in foods."
Medicinal Baths & Treatment Centre
Work in most sections has remained reasonably static when compared with 1966 as shown
in the S tatistical Summary on Page . In mid-1966 the departmental laundry undertook laundering
for Southway Close and Hurlingham Lodge. The marked increase in the section is the result of a
full year's work. Treatment for scabies shows an increase of 31%. The increase in the number of
articles sterilised is the result of the first full year's work from Hurlingham Lodge. All articles
received for laundering from this tuberculosis hostel are first sterilised.
Work on behalf of neighbouring local authorities shows a marked increase in most sections.

Cleansing and Treatment of Persons In all 788 individuals received 1387 treatments for a variety of causes. The four main con-ditions treated were:-

Scabies463patients907 treatments
Head lice79"121 "
Body lice139"169
Pubic lice87"149 "
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Of the treatments for body lice 56% were in respect of men from a large hostel in the
Work carried out on behalf of other London Boroughs involved 394 persons who received
584 treatments.

Steam Sterilisation

West London Hospital147981
Fulham Hospital26926
Stamford House39427
Parsons Oreen Clinic164
Hurlingham Lodge515196
Private dwellings736
Other local authorities:
L.B. Ealing14354
L.B. Hounslow4388
L.B. Richmond8608
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