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Hammersmith 1932

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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"PARKSIDE" MATERNITY HOME. I append figures for the year 1932 :— Name of Institution.—"Parkside" Maternity Home, Hammersmith Hospital, 150, Du Cane Road, W.12. Number of Beds.— 10 :—

Information Required.Particulars.
(1) No of cases admitted during the year.214.
(2) Average duration of stay14 days.
(3) No of cases delivered by—
(a) Midwives201. (1 B.B.A.)
(b) Doctors12.
(4) No. of cases in which Medical Assistance was sought by a Midwife in emergency.14.
(5) No. of cases uotified as—
(a) Puerperal fever ..
(b) Puerperal pyrexia (i.e., rise of temperature to 100.4°F. for 24 hours, or its recur-rence within that period).1
(6) No. of cases of Pemphigus Neo natorum.5
(7) No. of Infants not entirely breast fed while in the Institution.12.
(8) No. of cases notified as Oph-thalmia Neonatorum.
(9)—(a) No of Mat ernal deaths_
(b) Cause of death in each case
(10)—(a) No. of Foetal deaths—
(i) Stillborn8.
(ii) Within 10 days of birlh.8.
(b) Cause of death in each case, and results of post-mortem examination (if obtainable).1. P.M. Pulmonary Atelectasis. 2. Prematurity, 30 weeks. 3. do. 25 ,, 4. Atelectasis ; tentorial. hæmaturia. 5. Atelectasis : prematurity. 6. Atelectasis of the lungs. 7. Prematurity. Prematurity.