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Hammersmith 1932

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hammersmith Borough]

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There is also an increasing tendency on the part of
mothers to enter Maternity Institutions for their confinements.
In the year 1931, 337 cases were confined in Institutions
provided by this Council, which number was increased
to 417 in 1982. In addition 258 mothers were
confined in other institutions in 1931 and 358 in 1932,
making 595 institutional births in 1931 and 775 in 1932.
In 1932, 40 per cent. of the births took place in institutions
compared with only 7 per cent. in 1917.
The Midwives also complain that they are deprived of
some work by the employment of the "handy woman"
when a doctor is engaged. Some of the latter, but not
all, insist on the assistance of a qualified Midwife.
It appears that the combination of factors mentioned
above is likely to continue, and the amount of work left
for the practising Midwives lessened thereby.
Circumcisions,—During the year the Hammersmith
Infant Welfare Association decided to discontinue the
Circumcision Session.
Arrangements were made for these cases to be referred
by the Medical Officers at the Infant Welfare Centres to
the West London Hospital.
This scheme commenced in October, 1931. Seventyseven
cases were dealt with during the year ending
December, 1932.
The Council pays a fee of 2s. fid. per case to the Hospital