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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Poliomyelitis.—It has previously been pointed out that the
vagaries of notification procedure have led to misleading statistics
concerning specified administrative areas but this proved of no
consequence during the current year as no notifications of poliomyelitis
were received.
Of school children undertaking a poliomyelitis inoculation
course, 1,354 received two and 1,679 received their third injection
during the year. For persons between the ages of 16 and 40 years
the figures were 378 and 1,163 respectively. In addition, a fourth
injection was given to 3,802 children between the ages of 5 and 12
Malaria.—Compared with a nil return for this year and for
1960, one notification of benign tertian was registered for 1959.
Tuberculosis.—During the year 37 notifications in respect of
confirmed cases of tuberculosis were received compared with 57
for 1960. Of these, 32 were of the pulmonary type and 5 nonpulmonary,
i.e., tuberculosis of parts of the body other than the

The following table gives the distribution:—

East Greenwich8_8
West Greenwich819
St. Nicolas, Deptford66
Charlton and Kidbrooke10414

Disinfection was offered and carried out in 6 cases including
13 rooms.
During 1961, some 1,337 Greenwich school children received
B.C.G. vaccination under the direction of the School Medical

The number of notified cases of Tuberculosis remaining on the Register at 31st December. 1961, was as follows:—


For further clarification I append herewith copy of Form T.137
(revised) for the year under review as forwarded to the Countv
Medical Officer of Health.