London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Sample No.ArticleNature of adulteration and/or irregularityAction taken
T.110French Mustard.Stated to contain vitamin "C" but proportion not specified. Analysis showed no ascorbic acid.Letter to Manufacturer and the stock was withdrawn.
T.157Blackcurrant Purée (canned).Deficiency of 23% vitamin "C."Both samples were from old stock taken over by new proprietor. In each case stocks were withdrawn and destroyed.
T.158Essence of RennetSample deteriorated and failed to produce satisfactory junket.
T.190Calves' Feet JellySample was fluid when received and did not set even when refrigerated at 36°F.Stock withdrawn.
T.212Tea BudsSample contained no significant proportion of bud. Description on label considered to be misleading.Stock withdrawn after representations.
T.225Shelled WalnutsDamaged by insects and contained pupae of moth.Stock withdrawn and destroyed.
T.231Tomato PasteContained excessive amount of fungus indicating the use of partly rotten tomatoes.Letter to Importers and Manufacturers. Stock withdrawn.
T.285Vienna Sausages (canned).Contained 60% meat. Vienna sausages normally contain at least 80% meat.Letter to Importer. (Product of South Africa.)
T.296Pork in Natural Juices (canned).Contained nitrate 950 p.p.m. Contained nitrite 25 p.p.m. Not disclosed on label.Letter to Importer. (Product canned in Denmark.)
T.302GroatsSample contained insect droppings, webbing and small dead moth.Stock withdrawn.
T.348Barbados Sugar.Contained Rhodamine B. not permitted by the Colouring Matter in Food Regulations.Letter to Wholesaler. Stock withdrawn. Source still under detention.