London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Greenwich 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Greenwich Borough]

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Administrative Action Taken in Regard to Samples Reported to be NOT GENUINE

Sample No.ArticleNature of adulteration and/or irregularityAction taken
(a) In respect oj normal sampling.
T.1Irish Coffee Milk ChocolateContained 0.4% whiskey. Label claimed "Contains Genuine Irish Whiskey." In view of the insignificant proportion of whiskey the label was likely to mislead.Manufacturer agreed to alter label.
T.48Glycerine, Honey and Oil of LemonContained 1% Glycerine, insufficient to have any appreciable effect. Label considered misleading.Stocks withdrawn.
T.70Black Bean Soup with Imported Sherry Wine (canned).Contained 0.3% alcohol, corresponding to not more than 2% Sherry Wine. Label claimed "lavishly flavoured with best Sherry Wine." This was misleading.Importers asked to comply with Labelling of Food Order, 1953.
T.78Instant Mashed Potato.Contained 60 p.p.m. sulphur dioxide, the presence of which not disclosed on label.Manufacturers agreed to amend label to comply with Labelling of Food Order, 1953.
T.85Bubbly Gum Balls.Unwrapped and from a machine. So contaminated by dust as to be unfit for consumption.Complete stock withdrawn.
T.88Preserved Pork Sausages.Meat content 55%. Pork sausages normally contain 65% meat.Warning letter to Manufacturer.
T.107Black-currant Health Drink.Contained 370 p.p.m. sulphur dioxide. Limit is 350 p.p.m.Warning letter to Manufacturer.
T.108Orange Drink.Contained orange juice not more than 10% Orange Squash intended for dilution should contain at least 25% fruit juice.Letter to Manufacturer regarding title of commodity.